Mediation may become a requirement for separating couples new laws would say

Lawyers and barrister queuing up to become judges as legal aid cuts brings in gloom

Police killers would be attracting whole life sentence home secretary to declare

Private landlords to check on migrants for immigration documents before letting properties

Appeal to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal when refused permission to enter or stay in the UK.

Exceptional circumstances in Legal Aid When would ECHR require the provision of exceptional funding?

Self representing litigants could not be coaxed nor forced to take mediation course

Domestic violence numbers on the rise as more women reporting about their abuse

UK to be made the toughest country in granting benefits for foreign migrants says David Cameron

Judicial review is fundamental to rule of law says top senior judges

Family judges would permit expert evidence only if it is deemed “necessary”

Child abduction law

Ministers urge families on benefits to have fewer children

Could sale proceeds of national treasure be subject to tax?

Housing law and legal aid:

Family law groups oppose plans for setting up of time frame to decided care cases

Victims of minor injuries can relax as criminal injuries compensation stays for them

Government to set up legal ombudsman to redress consumer complaints against claim firms

Private prison has not improved in tackling drug abuse and idleness says a report by prison chief

Prime Minister to implement social welfare proposal of Andrew Dilnot

Government’s plans to scrap third party liability of an employer is fundamentally flawed says The Law Society

Living wills could be invalidated if question of mental capacity is raised subsequently barristers warn

Fraudsters impersonating high street names to defraud firms were making away with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of goods say credit insurer

A proposed change in the Equality Act 2010 which could remove the third party liability to employers could be negated by the ECJ with its general principle of non discrimination law

Owners of dangerous dogs to face longer terms in prison with the term ‘vulnerable’ victims to have a broader connotation

Conservative run local authority to give council homes to foster parents, ex-army personnel and special constables while implementing government policy on housing

HMRC declares Qualified recognised overseas pensions schemes are meant for migrants only

Scotland to use technology to keep track of sexual offenders who are released from the prison

A company’s decision to remove an employee for posting offensive comments about a co worker was upheld by a tribunal

New policy guidance on the marriage visa 21

Who Can Qualify for Legal Aid?

3 reasons why you must hire Duncan Lewis personal injury solicitors

Crucial reasons for availing the services of Duncan Lewis family solicitors

Seek legal advice and services of Duncan Lewis bankruptcy solicitors to improve your financial health

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Duncan Lewis family law solicitors can help you dissolve your marriage peacefully

Hire Duncan Lewis solicitor to get compensation for your personal injury

Duncan Lewis solicitors can make the commercial property transaction smooth & hassle-free for you

Why should you hire Duncan Lewis solicitors for matters related to child care law?

What Are My Rights When Faced With Redundancy During Maternity?

Does my Employer Have a Right to Make me Work From Another Location in a Large City?

A Short Guide to Age Discrimination

160 staff at Duncan Lewis Dalston offers legal aid to those eligible for many different legal matters

When the Tribunal has the Power of Judicial Review

Article: Supreme Court to Rule on the Susceptibility of the Upper Tribunal to Judicial Review

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Client Feedback

Asylum support - What services and support are available to asylum seekers in the UK?











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New ways are being devised by the government to put solicitors out of business. As if reforms were not enough in legal aid funding separating couples have been subjected to find out ways to settle disputes away from the courtroom if the new laws currently going through Parliament become law.




For the past four years applications for becoming judges has doubled as senior lawyers seek professional sanctuary on the bench. It has been a stampede of sorts for the “the purple lifeboat”. Eagerness for the purple robe of a crown court judge, and its accompanying salary of £129,579, has produced intense competition and a high calibre of appointments for the judiciary.




Murderers of police officers would be given a whole life sentences and be left to die in prison, the home secretary Theresa May is to reveal at the Police Federation conference

May says it was time for ‘life to mean life’ in such cases because police officer in the course of their duty represented the fundamental basis of the society.




The Queen’s speech tomorrow is to include immigration laws that would ensure that properties let by private landlords are only let to people who are allowed to be in Britain.

Around two million buy to let property owners will be made to don the mantle of checking the UK immigration status prior to letting properties failing which they may be subject to fines running into thousands of pounds. Employers will also face more substantial fines for taking on illegal immigrants.




The tribunal deals with a range of cases such as asylum, entry clearance and leave to remain. One can also appeal against a decision to deport someone from the UK.

When your leave to remain in the UK is refused then you can appeal but within a limitation period. The limitation depends upon the place you are currently lodged. If you are in detention in a immigration center then appeal has to be lodged in 5 working days if you are not in detention – 10 working days and if you are staying outside the UK then 28 days.




Article 6(1) of the ECHR, guarantees that every individual shall be entitled to a fair hearing in the determination of their civil rights and obligations. But article 6 does not grant an automatic entitlement to legal aid in civil cases. However the right to access to a court which is one of the components of article 6(1) includes the right to be provided with legal aid in certain circumstances.




Former lord justice of appeal Sir Alan Ward has warned that it was impossible to force people off the trial track onto the parallel track of mediation in wake of a big increase in the number of litigants in person because of cuts in free legal help which were coming into force on Monday. The courts would be unable to cope with the situation.




Citizens‘s advice the charity has said that it had received reports of attacks from 13,500 people of which 80% were women.
According to the British Crime Survey there was a 40% decline in cases of domestic violence incidents since 1995, and there was a feeling that the war against domestic violence had been won but the new figures according to the charity Citizens Advice is worrying factor as it shows a substantial increase in the number of people telling advisers they are victims.




In an interview with the Daily Express the Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he would ban migrants from being able to automatically receive free legal help in cases involving benefits, housing and other civil claims.




Last November David Cameron had made a speech to the Confederation of British Industry in which he stressed the need to get control on judicial review which he described as a “massive growth industry”. He was talking on the need to give businesses a free hand by abolishing unnecessary restraints.




From the 31st of January new rules have come into force which would mean judges ruling in family court proceedings can limit the number of expert witnesses giving evidence. The new rules will allow judges to speed up family cases by summoning fewer expert witnesses such as psychologists and doctors.




In the UK child abduction could be construed as a civil as well as a criminal matter but if a child is removed from the United Kingdom especially if it is a parental abduction when a parent is involved in removing the child without the consent of the other parent then the case usually treated under civil law.




Triggering controversy, families with three or more children and receiving benefits are being asked by the cabinet ministers whether they can afford to have more children.
This has followed after figures suggested that an estimated 380,000 households with more than two children rely on the handouts to pay their rent.




A Joshua Reynolds masterpiece which has been sold by Simon Howard the owner of Castle Howard is in a battle to avoid tax on the sale.
Omai, a romantic portrait of one of the first Pacific Islanders to visit Europe, has been viewed as Sir Joshua’s finest work and is even recognised as a national treasure.




All matters or issues arising out of local housing authorities, housing applications, tenants, landlords, ownership (residential commercial), possession actions, homelessness, illegal evictions, repairs, neighbour disputes, property disputes and harassment and many other areas of housing is governed by housing law.




Government’s proposed 26 week time frame for courts to conclude care cases was not only impractical but also in most cases constituted potentially unlawful interference with judicial discretion say family law groups.




The Ministry of Justice’s proposals to restrict criminal injuries compensation scheme payments only to those suffering from serious injuries has been dropped and will be available even to victims of minor criminal assaults it was decided last night.
Injuries such as dislocated jaw or broken hand from criminal acts like street attacks would not have been eligible for compensation if the plans of MoJ had gone ahead.




With the government deciding to appoint a legal ombudsman to take over the responsibilities for complaints, consumers could receive up to £30,000 for poor services by claims management firms.
From 2013 the legal ombudsman would be responsible for complaints, which means consumers grievances of having had received inadequate services could be awarded compensation of up to £30,000.




The chief inspector of prisons has criticised the high levels of illegal drug use and significant inmate idleness at the private HMP Wolds which is being run by the security firm G4s.

The contract for running the prison is being put out to competitive bidding. And G4s was also taking part to renew its contract it emerged.




The Dilnot recommendations for keeping the cap the amounts of individuals pay at £35,000, with the any further bills to be paid by the taxpayer, would be implemented according to government sources.
Last month Health Secretary Andrew Lansley had announced that the Dilnot recommendations were being shelved as the Treasury said they were not feasible.




The plans of government to scrap an employer’s liability for a third party harassment of an employee has been criticised as being ‘fundamentally flawed’, by the Law Society.
The Government Equalities Office consultation on the proposed plans has been closed on 7 August. The plan debates that such liability was an arduous burden on the businesses and was a disheartening factor which along with a number of other employment red tape would discourage employers from taking on more staff.




The barristers have warned that a court ruling could invalidate a living will and be overturned if the mental capacity of the subject signing the will was subsequently questioned which means that a doctor has to assess the subjects in question at the time they make their decisions of signing the wills.




Fraudsters were increasingly faking high street names in order to defraud firms out of “hundreds of thousands of pounds” worth of goods, the credit insurer Euler Hermes said.
Compared to 2010 fraud related trading has seen an increase of 45 percent while the estimated £5m of such fraud that has been identified so far this year already exceeds the gross value of similar activity for the whole of 2011 which was at £4.3m.




A residential social care worker at the Sheffield city Council and based at a children’s home for troubled young people was subjected to harassment by a girl living at the home which included series of offensive comments about the claimant’s Iranian origins and also aping his accent.

Norouzi endured it for two years before he took sick off and launched legal proceedings. While previously the law did not hold employers liable for third-party harassment, G Norouzi successfully argued that as a public sector employer the council was bound by the EU Race.




The Sentencing Council issued new guidelines to judges and magistrates with more owners facing longer prison terms and chances of getting charged for dog related attacks as the definition of ‘vulnerable’ victims has been defined more broadly with increasing the ambit.




Hammersmith and Fulham in West London would be the first among the authorities who would set out how it was going to implement new laws introduced by the Government, which has been designed to stop the current practice allowing those on high incomes to stay in council homes for life and pass them on to their children.




The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has declared that the pension scheme Qualified Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (Qrops) was suitable for migrant workers only.
The global Qrops industry could be turned on its head after HM Revenue & Customs declaration.
In an explanatory note accompanying legislative changes to Qrops, HMRC said the intention of the Qrops system was only to allow migrant workers to transfer their pension overseas and not to give tax advantages.




A list of failure on the part of authorities that allowed Ryan Yates to attack a woman pensioner and rape her granddaughters less than a week after he was released from prison has prompted the Justice




A Tribunal in Belfast has upheld a decision by a firm who dismissed an employee for gross misconduct after he posted offensive comments aimed at a co-worker on Facebook.
In the case of Teggart v




The UK Border Agency recently issued some new policy guidance, following a judgment by the Supreme Court that challenged parts of the immigration rules relating to foreign spouses and their sponsors in the UK. Formerly, since 2008, both had to be at least 21 years of age before the spouse could be granted leave to remain in the UK as a partner or spouse, or to obtain a visa to enter the UK as such.




Duncan Lewis:In this increasingly complex society, legal questions often arise seemingly out of nowhere. Legal advice can be expensive to obtain, and it can be well worth finding out whether you are entitled to receive legal aid. Legal aid is becoming less available and, like dental work on the NHS and final salary pension schemes, fewer people qualify for it. The availability of legal aid has dropped dramatically in the last decade and the trend looks set to continue. It is estimated that a third of the population of the UK has some sort of legal problem to deal with each year, and yet only around a quarter of those involved in these cases will actually qualify to receive legal aid. Only a few years ago the figure was over 50%. Current government proposed reforms to the legal aid system are widely expected to make legal aid even more difficult to obtain in the future.

The legal aid system is in place to materially help people who are on low incomes or who receive state benefits of some sort. In non-criminal cases, the current rule of thumb for applicants is that they will not get legal aid if their gross income is more than £31,884 per annum. This figure can, of course, change and for the latest information on who can qualify for legal aid you should speak with legal aid solicitors who specialise in this sort of work, such as Duncan Lewis. This figure includes the income of the partner of the applicant if there is one, and there are a number of other adjustments that are taken into consideration as well. It is possible, for example, that if you earn less than the minimum figure you may still not qualify for legal aid, as your disposable income will also be considered. After making deductions for things like child support, national insurance and tax, if your disposable income figure is higher than £8,796 per annum, you will not qualify for legal aid.

In addition, your disposable capital will enter the equation unless you are living on some particular benefits such as income support. If you have capital reserves of over £8,000 – some of which may be equity in your home (if it is worth more than £100,000) and the rest in savings, for example – this will make you ineligible for legal aid.

Criminal legal aid, which is similar to regular legal aid, has similar conditions and requirements for qualification. Criminal legal aid may be granted to defendants in Magistrates Courts, for example, in cases where they might go to prison if found guilty; however, to have a chance to qualify for it the defendant will have to be less than 18 years of age, have an income of £22,325 or less, or be in receipt of unemployment benefits. Capital in such cases is not taken into account.




Personal Injuries may occur as a result of accidents on the road, or at work place or when visiting someone at their home or during holidays. If the injury is caused due to the fault or negligence of some one else, you must hire Duncan Lewis personal injury solicitors.




Those of you, who are looking for family law solicitors UK, here are some crucial reasons for availing the legal services of Duncan Lewis solicitors:

Duncan Lewis family law department includes members of the Law Society’s Family Panel, Family Advanced Panel and Children Panel. This means they are specialists in Family and Child Care Law and deal with all family related matters with unparalleled expertise and skill.




Unemployment, divorce, sickness, bereavement, and loss in business, are some of the factors that contribute to an individual’s poor financial circumstances. When circumstances change, a person is unable to meet his financial obligations and responsibilities and this causes him a lot of distress and frustration.




If you or your loved one has been denied community care services, Duncan Lewis solicitors can guide you through the process to help you receive the support and care you need and deserve.




If you need legal help and assistance for matters related to Deportation/Illegal entry, EU Residence application, Outside the Rules Applications, Family Reunions, Judicial Review, Naturalisation, Overstaying or illegally in UK, or any other legal matter related to the General Immigration, it is advisable to choose Duncan Lewis solicitors.




Divorce or dissolution of marriage often ends on a bitter note, involving false accusations, blames, and charges for what went wrong, fight for marital assets and property, right of custody of children, alimony, and much more. If you and your partner have decided to end your marriage, it is advisable to seek legal services of a renowned family lawyer, such as Duncan Lewis family law solicitors.




If you have met with an accident on road or at workplace or have been suffering from personal injury as a consequence of a crime, occupational disease, medical malpractice, or use of a faulty product or appliance, you must hire Duncan Lewis solicitor. Duncan Lewis solicitor would represent your personal injury case in the court of law and would get you the maximum claim for the pain and suffering, as well as for the loss of income, travel expenses, medical expenses, loss of pension, lost opportunity for promotion, and other damages being borne by you and your family.




Buying commercial property is both lengthy and arduous. You need to complete several legal formalities and complete tons of papers and documents in order to get the commercial properly transferred in your name. Add to this, the initial property investigations and price negotiations. If you want to cut short this lengthy process, hire Duncan Lewis conveyancing solicitors.




Matters related to Child Care Law are complicated and require special understanding, approach and handling. If you are going through a tough time wherein the Local authority have applied for Emergency Protection Orders, Care Orders or where you have applied for contact with children in care and discharge of Care Orders, you must hire Duncan Lewis Child Care solicitors.




Duncan Lewis:When an employee becomes pregnant, it is important that they be completely open about their condition with their employer. Being open about their pregnancy will mean that the employee can arrange to have a risk assessment conducted, but more importantly they will be entitled to have some time off for ante-natal arrangements, and there will be quite a number of these in the first few months.
The importance of being completely transparent about your pregnancy in the less obvious early stages is that later on, if the employer tries to make you redundant, your openness throughout will help protect you and work in your favour at any industrial tribunal, should it come to that. An experienced firm of solicitors such as Duncan Lewis can advise you comprehensively on this and other matters.




Duncan Lewis:It is often the case that a company has to relocate itself, either to another part of the country or somewhere else within the same city, to reduce its overheads and costs or to merge with some other company. In such cases the employees of the company have obligations and rights under employment law and don’t simply have to choose between being swept off to a new location or losing their jobs. Solicitors such as Duncan Lewis frequently handle cases where disputes arise over relocation.




Duncan Lewis:Laws against age discrimination revolve around the overall concept that an employer cannot lawfully discriminate against any of its employees on the grounds of age. While traditionally age discrimination has been associated with older workers, in truth it can affect almost anyone.
The default age of retirement has been 65 for some time, although an official company retirement age could be set above this by any employer.




160 staff at Duncan Lewis Dalston offers legal aid to those eligible for many different legal matters

Duncan Lewis started practicing from a small office in Dalston, Hackney in 1998 and then moved to a much larger office, 1 Kingsland High Street in February 2000. In 2005 the Duncan Lewis acquired additional space (4-10 Balls Pond Road) at the rear of 1 Kingsland High Street, making Duncan Lewis Dalston the largest office the firm owned. Duncan Lewis Dalston is 15,000 sq feet and houses 160 staff. Dalston is located in a vibrant part of London within close proximity to the city

Getting to Duncan Lewis Dalston is easy and our Dalston office is easily accessible by car or by public transport.

Duncan Lewis Dalston is located on the corner of Kingsland High Street and Balls Pond Road as shown on the map below:

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It is envisaged that the Tribunal will exercises the power of the High Court when Section 15 of the Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 comes fully into force. There has already been considerable resistance to this idea, and we wait to see when the time is chosen. In this article we consider some of the difficulties that this might give rise to.




In our earlier article Supreme Court for the "Superior Court"? we predicted that the issue of whether, and if so on what basis, the Upper Tribunal was susceptible to judicial review would have to be settled by the Supreme Court. That has proved to be the case.




If you have used our service, we would like you to spend a few moments to comment upon the service you have received from our lawyers at Duncan Lewis. Please do not include any personal and confidential information about your case. Please however comment upon the service received from the solicitor(s) who assisted you and whether you were satisfied with the service that was provided to you at Duncan Lewis. Do also mention the department and name of the solicitor(s) who advised and assisted you. Any suggestions for improvement of our service will also be helpful. Thank you for your time.




If you have used our service, we would like you to spend a few moments to comment upon the service you have received from our lawyers at Duncan Lewis. Please do not include any personal and confidential information about your case. Please however comment upon the service received from the solicitor(s) who assisted you and whether you were satisfied with the service that was provided to you at Duncan Lewis. Do also mention the department and name of the solicitor(s) who advised and assisted you will be helpful. Any suggestions for improvement of our service will also be helpful. Thank you for your time.




Duncan Lewis:There are various types of support and services available to asylum applicants in the UK who have leave to remain here during the time that their applications are being processed. A number of these services are available to all asylum seekers whilst others will depend on their level of income, should they have any. Every asylum applicant is assigned a caseworker and they will be able to give the applicant full information on the support services they may apply for.