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The Ministry of Justice’s proposals to restrict criminal injuries compensation scheme payments only to those suffering from serious injuries has been dropped and will be available even to victims of minor criminal assaults it was decided last night.
Injuries such as dislocated jaw or broken hand from criminal acts like street attacks would not have been eligible for compensation if the plans




With the government deciding to appoint a legal ombudsman to take over the responsibilities for complaints, consumers could receive up to £30,000 for poor services by claims management firms.
From 2013 the legal ombudsman would be responsible for complaints, which means consumers grievances of having had received inadequate services could be awarded compensation of up to £30,000.
Claims ma




The chief inspector of prisons has criticised the high levels of illegal drug use and significant inmate idleness at the private HMP Wolds which is being run by the security firm G4s.

The contract for running the prison is being put out to competitive bidding. And G4s was also taking part to renew its contract it emerged.

The spot inspections done by the inspector had found that




The Dilnot recommendations for keeping the cap the amounts of individuals pay at £35,000, with the any further bills to be paid by the taxpayer, would be implemented according to government sources.
Last month Health Secretary Andrew Lansley had announced that the Dilnot recommendations were being shelved as the Treasury said they were not feasible.
But the Prime Minister has pledged that




The plans of government to scrap an employer’s liability for a third party harassment of an employee has been criticised as being ‘fundamentally flawed’, by the Law Society.
The Government Equalities Office consultation on the proposed plans has been closed on 7 August. The plan debates that such liability was an arduous burden on the businesses and was a disheartening factor which along with




The barristers have warned that a court ruling could invalidate a living will and be overturned if the mental capacity of the subject signing the will was subsequently questioned which means that a doctor has to assess the subjects in question at the time they make their decisions of signing the wills.
The Court of Protection last week had ruled in a case that a 32 year old woman (not named) i




Fraudsters were increasingly faking high street names in order to defraud firms out of “hundreds of thousands of pounds” worth of goods, the credit insurer Euler Hermes said.
Compared to 2010 fraud related trading has seen an increase of 45 percent while the estimated £5m of such fraud that has been identified so far this year already exceeds the gross value of similar activity for the whole




A residential social care worker at the Sheffield city Council and based at a children’s home for troubled young people was subjected to harassment by a girl living at the home which included series of offensive comments about the claimant’s Iranian origins and also aping his accent.

Norouzi endured it for two years before he took sick off and launched legal proceedings. While previously




The Sentencing Council issued new guidelines to judges and magistrates with more owners facing longer prison terms and chances of getting charged for dog related attacks as the definition of ‘vulnerable’ victims has been defined more broadly with increasing the ambit.
More owners of dangerous dogs will face imprisonment, for dog attacks, following an increase in high-profile attacks by dogs.




Hammersmith and Fulham in West London would be the first among the authorities who would set out how it was going to implement new laws introduced by the Government, which has been designed to stop the current practice allowing those on high incomes to stay in council homes for life and pass them on to their children.
The council's are thinking of giving priority to foster parents, former Army




The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has declared that the pension scheme Qualified Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (Qrops) was suitable for migrant workers only.
The global Qrops industry could be turned on its head after HM Revenue & Customs declaration.
In an explanatory note accompanying legislative changes to Qrops, HMRC said the intention of the Qrops system was only to allow migra




A list of failure on the part of authorities that allowed Ryan Yates to attack a woman pensioner and rape her granddaughters less than a week after he was released from prison has prompted the Justice Minister of Scotland to consider monitoring sex offenders through a satellite tracking system after a report suggested that the technology could have prevented the dangerous paedophile from reoffendi




A Tribunal in Belfast has upheld a decision by a firm who dismissed an employee for gross misconduct after he posted offensive comments aimed at a co-worker on Facebook.
In the case of Teggart v TeleTech UK Limited, Teggart made a Facebook posting referring to the promiscuity of a female work colleague ("Ms A") from his home computer, and in his own time. Ms A had not seen the Facebook commen