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How can Duncan Lewis community care solicitors help you?

Date: (14 September 2011)    |    

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If you or your loved one has been denied community care services, Duncan Lewis solicitors can guide you through the process to help you receive the support and care you need and deserve.

Duncan Lewis solicitors hold unparalleled knowledge and experience in the community care law. The law firm is amongst a handful of firms who have been awarded a Legal Services Commission franchise for Community Care work.

The services offered by the Duncan Lewis community care solicitors include, assessing the service provision, as well as the respite care and home adaptations that are available, helping clients in acquiring the services from the NHS and other Social Services, obtaining continued care for your return home, and adapting the home for the disabled or elderly, helping the Asylum seekers receive access to housing and provisions to meet basic needs, reviewing the services for individuals with drug and alcohol abuse problems; disabilities; mental health problems; elderly; HIV patients; rape victims and care plans.

Where required, The Community care solicitors at Duncan Lewis also take judicial proceedings against the Health and Local Authorities who fail to carry out Community Care Assessments or deny adequate care once a need has been assessed.

For more details, please log on to www.duncanlewisdalston.co.uk